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Chesapeake Soda Clean, Inc is the East Coast’s premier distributor of the finest environmentally friendly Baking Soda and Crushed Glass blasting equipment, related supplies, and complimentary products. Founded in April 2004 as one of the Chesapeake Bay’s earliest mobile soda blast contractors, Chesapeake Soda Clean pioneered techniques, policies and procedures which revolutionized the sand and baking soda blasting business. Mr. Stacey Stone, owner and retired professional firefighter, has a totally hands-on approach to his business. “I like working with the the best, whether it’s equipment, supplies or personnel”, he says, and that philosophy carries through all aspects of his business.

We service what we sell. We sell and use only the highest quality brands of blast equipment and related supplies. The manufacturers that we have chosen to represent have a proven track record of innovation, stability, quality and commitment to service. We can take the most abused system and make it work like new in no time.

Our Philosophy: Honest, open, responsible, responsive and generous are words that have been directed our way by our customers. We treat each and every customer with respect and appreciation. Any one or any company can sell you sand and baking soda blast equipment, but offering “Top of the line” equipment with classroom and hands-on training as well is what separates Chesapeake Soda Clean from the competition. We maintain one of the few comprehensive training facilities in the U.S. and every purchase includes hands-on training by Stacey.

Chesapeake Soda Cleans’ Services Include:

  • Baking Soda Blast and Crushed Glass (sand) Blast Equipment Sales
  • Blast Media Sales – Baking Soda and Crushed Glass – Wholesale & Retail
  • Soda & Crushed Glass Blasting Services In Our Shop – Fenders, doors, hoods, etc. of  automobiles; residential, commercial or industrial small items; and anything else that will fit in your trunk or truck
  • Blast Equipment Repair, Maintenance & Supplies (The Soda Works & Marco USA)
  • Soda Blasting Equipment Rentals via ABC Equipment Rental
  • Eco-Friendly Blasting Consulting, Education, Training & Instruction
  • Eco-Friendly Blast Contractor Referrals

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