About Chesapeake Blasting Service

April, 1, 2004 – Mr. Stacey A. Stone brings a state-of-the-art paint stripping and cleaning process called “Soda Blasting” to the Mid-Atlantic region with the opening of his new business Chesapeake Soda Clean, Inc. (CSC).

Stone is a retired, 26-year veteran of the Montgomery County, MD. Fire and Rescue Department and a long-time business owner. His experience with the fire service laid the groundwork for his interest in soda blasting.

June 2010 – Mike Morgan, a former blaster for Stacey Stone at CSC, started a mobile blasting company, Chesapeake Blasting Service (CBS), based out of southern Maryland.

March 2019 – Morgan purchased CSC and merged the two companies into one, Chesapeake Blasting Service and Supply, Inc. (CBSS). CBSS offers mobile blasting and in-house services at both locations, Millersville and Dunkirk, MD. Sales and distribution is offered out of the Millersville location.

Crushed Glass Blast Media, Soda Blast Media, Baking Soda Blasting & Sandblasting in Maryland