Abrasive Media Blasting Is Now Available!

In response to customer requests, we have added abrasive media to our blasting line-up. Although baking soda blasting (sodium bicarbonate) remains our main focus, we now have the capabilities to “shoot” almost any type of media. What this means to our customers is that we can now offer almost any type of substrate profile and we can produce “white metal” on most rusty projects. As a bonus, we can soda blast over the abrasive blasted surface to retard flash rust and buy you some time before you need to clean and prime the surface.

We sell and use a recycled, Crushed Glass Blast Media product. No free silica and no heavy metals means that this abrasive blast media is both worker and environmentally friendly. 

If you are in the State of Maryland (and beyond too!), there is no better place to begin with than Chesapeake Soda Clean, Inc. and our affiliate blasting company, Chesapeake Blasting Service, Inc.

Chesapeake Blasting Service, Inc. is the baking soda and sand blasting company formed in June of 2008 to take some of the load off of our rapidly expanding restoration supply sales business. Mike Morgan, our lead blast technician, heads the new “off-shoot” blasting company and focuses all of his time and effort on blasting projects of all types and size. Mike specializes in mobile service and he also maintains a blast area available for you to bring projects to.

If you have a local blasting project or need information, please contact:
Mike Morgan                                                                                    
Chesapeake Blasting Service, Inc.                                               
Owings, MD.


Before Abrasive Soda Blast Media- Maryland

After Abrasive Soda Blasting Media- Maryland


Before Baking Soda Blasting- Chairs in Maryland


After Soda Blasting Chairs- Maryland



Before and After- Baking Soda Blasting Rusty Chairs- Maryland

Before and After

This vehicle frame was blasted with New Age Blast Media.

Vehicle Frame- New Age Blast Media with Baking Soda- MD

Frame Before

Frame After- Vehicle Frame- New Age Blast Media with Baking Soda- MD

Frame After

Decorative Fountain Project

Fountain Before- Soda Blasting Media

Fountain Before

Fountain After- Soda Blasting and Crushed Glass Blast- MD

Fountain After


Before Rusty Metal- Dustless and Crushed Glass Blast Media


After Rusty Metal- Dustless and Crushed Glass Blast Media


These metal aluminum projects were stripped with recycled glass. The owners requested a greater profile than soda offers.

Police Boat Soda Blasting Media- Maryland

Police Boat

Military Fuel Tank- Dustless and Crushed Glass Blasting Media

Military Fuel Tank


Crushed Glass Blast Media, Soda Blast Media, Baking Soda Blasting & Sandblasting in Maryland