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Baking Soda Blasting in Maryland

Why Choose Soda Blasting To Strip Your Vehicle?

  • No Metal Fatigue Or Warpage!
  • No Damage To Glass, Rubber Or Chrome!
  • Removes Undercoating Residue and Light Surface Rust!
  • Baking Soda Is A Natural Rust Inhibitor – No Need to Immediately Prime
  • Baking Soda Is Water Soluble – Instantly Dissolves!
  • No Residue Problems In Small Passageways
  • Our Baking Soda Is FDA Approved, Food Grade And Is Kosher!
  • Baking Soda Is An All Natural, Biodegradable And An All-Natural Degreaser!

Best results for automotive baking soda blasting is achieved on vehicles with the interior removed. This allows us to strip the door and trunk frames and jams without the worry of baking soda dust entering the passenger compartment. Additionally, vehicles without motors allows us to strip and clean motor compartments and firewalls. Undercarriages can be degreased and stripped of loose material if the vehicle is on an outdoor lift, but best results are achieved when the body is off the frame and installed on a rotisserie. Baking Soda blasting is basically “line of sight” blasting. Nooks, crannies, wheel wells and compartmentalized areas can pose a challenge to the soda blast nozzle. Think of it as a fire hose nozzle, it works best pointed directly at the subject at hand.


Vehicle Baking Soda Blasting in Maryland

As long as baking soda is on a ferrous metal surface, rust will not form. For rust to form, free moisture and an acidic condition must exist. In most cases, free moisture combines with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to form carbonic acid. This acid releases a free metal (ferrous) ion, which combines with oxygen (oxidizes) to form rust. Baking soda buffers the acids, prevents the release of free metal ions and prevents rust.

A Special Note To Mobile Customers:

An outdoor location is required, isolated from hazards like, houses, pools, automobiles, lawns, plants and shrubbery. The soda blast machine is very noisy (think jet engine) and the baking soda is dusty (think drywall dust or even smoke). Most of the baking soda will blow in the breeze and can lay on horizontal surfaces. Baking soda blast residue can not remain on automobile’s and/or other items in the area and must be blown off with air at the end of the job or staining may occur. Baking soda residue can brown or even kill grass and vegetation by raising the pH of the soil, so it should be done over an area of little concern. Baking soda is a great, all natural grease/oil remover and should not be done over your asphalt driveway or the oil in the asphalt mix may come to the surface for a while.

In House Paint Stripping and Cleaning:

If you are in the State of Maryland (and beyond too!), there is no better place to begin with than Chesapeake Soda Clean, Inc. and our affiliate blasting company, Chesapeake Blasting Service, Inc for your baking soda blasting needs.

Chesapeake Blasting Service, Inc. is the baking soda and sand blasting company formed in June of 2008 to take some of the load off of our rapidly expanding restoration supply sales business. Mike Morgan, our lead blast technician, heads the new “off-shoot” blasting company and focuses all of his time and effort on blasting projects of all types and size. Mike specializes in mobile service and he also maintains a blast area available for you to bring projects to.

If you have a local baking soda blasting project or need information, please contact:
Mike Morgan                                                                                    
Chesapeake Blasting Service, Inc.                                               
Owings, MD.

Automotive Gallery

Soda Blasting can be used on cars of all substrate types including steel, aluminum, fiberglass and composites. Best results can be achieved when projects have been stripped as much as possible and include antique, classic and street rod type vehicles. Here is a gallery of before and after pictures of many different autos being stripped using Soda Blasting.


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