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Crushed Glass Blast Media is an engineered “sandblasting” product manufactured with uniform grain size derived from 100% Recycled Glass.  Crushed glass blast media can be used as a direct replacement for many hard abrasives, including silica-sand, Olivine, lava, coal slag, and aluminum oxide. Crushed Glass is free of crystalline silica (found in silica-sand) and is approved for use in numerous federal and state government agencies, and military branches.

Chesapeake Blasting stocks and distributes crushed glass blast media for retail and wholesale distribution from our facility located in Millersville, MD.

Our location is just 15 minutes southeast of Baltimore, MD.

We stock 5 different grit sizes to fit your abrasive blasting needs.

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 We stock the exact OEM media brand recommended and sold
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Crushed Glass Blast Media (an abrasive blast media)

Eco and Operator-friendly Blasting Media:
100% recycled crushed glass eliminates the health risk of airborne carcinogens. It is non-hazardous, non-toxic and completely inert and is safe to use around water. Glass dust is classified by OSHA/NIOSH as only “nuisance” dust because it contains less than 1% free silica. Crushed glass is also virtually free of any of the OSHA identified Heavy/Toxic Metals associated with some slags and some other mineral abrasives. Lastly, since glass is translucent, visibility and productivity are significantly improved when compared to a blast environment using traditional hard abrasives.

How Can Glass be Silica-free?
Recycled bottle glass is chemically known as Amorphous Aluminosilicate. Free-silica is commonly found in traditional blasting sand (silica-sand) and other hard abrasive sandblasting medias. Silica-sand dust in its natural state has an “open” crystalline structure that has the capability of sticking to lung tissues. When this happens, the likelihood of developing a serious respiratory disease called Silicosis increases. Because our recycled glass blast media is amorphous, its crystalline structure is “closed,” which makes it impossible to physically stick to human lung tissue. When a person is exposed to amorphous glass fines or dust, the body will expel the dust as it would any other type of natural dirt.

Benefits of Glass Blasting:
In addition to worker safety benefits, crushed glass delivers a natural, whiter metal finish than many other sandblasting abrasives, and significantly decreases embedment issues—up to 5 times less than slag blast media. Glass works great for removing thick, tough coatings and in numerous surface preparation applications—glass can create a profile of up to 4 mils on hardened steel. Glass is versatile and can be used as a dry blasting media or combined with water for use in slurry blasting machines.

Qualified for Use:
Crushed glass has been added to the qualified products list by the US Navy. Crushed glass is qualified under MIL-A-22262-B, Amendment 2–Abrasive Blasting Media for ship hull blast cleaning. Based on toxicological safety evaluations by the Naval Environmental Health Center (NEHC), Crushed Glass Grit can be safely used for its intended purpose. The addition of crushed glass to QPL includes 12-30 mesh (CBM 1230); and 30-70 mesh, (CBM 3070).

Chesapeake Blasting – Crushed Glass MSDS

Crushed glass is less dense than other sandblasting medias. This means greater productivity due to more blast time between pot refills AND less material will be used, which reduces both disposal and media costs.

A terrific new product with loads of applications! Works well with your other media, is safer and cleaner than sand, and is so environmentally friendly it has the following approvals:

  • Approved by California Air Resource Board under Title 17 for
  • Abrasives Certified for Outdoor Blasting
  • Approved by NAVSEA of the US Military for listing on the Qualified
  • Product List ( QPL ) under Mil-A-22262B

What is Crushed Glass Blast Media?

  • Manufactured from 100% Recycled Bottle Glass.
  • The use of post-consumer glass directly benefits the environment by reducing landfill waste.
  • The manufacturing process reduces the glass and strips the contaminants and waste by-products from the glass.
  • The product is then sized and screened to the exact specifications needed for various abrasive blasting needs.
  • Bottle or Tri-Mix Glass is chemically known as “Amorphous Silica”. It has virtually no crystalline-silica which is commonly found in sand. Crystalline Silica is the leading cause of Silicosis.
  • Extra course to ultra fine grit sizes are available.
  • Use as a direct replacement for silica sand and slag media’s which could be deemed harmful to humans and the environment.

This vehicle frame was blasted with Crushed Glass Blast Media.

Before Crushed Glass Blast Media

After Crushed Glass Blast Media

Decorative Metal Fountain Project Blasted With Crushed Glass Blast Media

Fountain before Crushed Glass Blast Media

Fountain after Crushed Glass Blast Media

Metal before Crushed Glass Blast Media Metal after Crushed Glass Blast Media


Recycled crushed glass blast media is high quality, chemically inert, environmentally friendly and contains less than 1% free silica.
Can be utilized in a wide range of applications including removal of surface coatings such as rust, paint and scale from a variety of substrates. Applications include fiberglass, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, concrete, brick/block and wood.

Grit sizes:

EXTRA FINE (70/100) – Use Extra Fine for an extra-fine finish on metal, wood and fiberglass.

FINE (40/70) – Use Fine to clean surfaces and create a smooth finish.  Automotive, fiberglass & hobby.

MEDIUM FINE (30/70) – Use Medium Fine for industrial applications, bridges, tanks, steel construction and fabrication where a reduced profile is desired.

MEDIUM (20/40)– Use Medium for industrial applications, bridges, tanks, steel construction and fabrication.

COARSE (10/20) – Use Extra Coarse for repair and maintenance blasting for the removal of paint and heavy rust, shipyards and steel beams.

The five grit sizes below are the most popular with the 30-70 being the most universal. We currently carry crushed glass blast media sourced from Canada and is extremely clean and consistent in size. All four sizes are in stock for pick-up or delivery out of our Millersville, MD. (SE of Baltimore) location and some orders may ship factory direct from New York. 50 pound bags and 2,700 pound jumbo sacks are available.

Coarse Crushed Glass Blast Media Medium Crushed Glass Blast Media Medium-Fine Crushed Glass Blast Media FullSizeRender (1)

Levels of Crushed Glass Blast Media



  • Uniform density
  • Chemically inert
  • Less than 1% free silica
  • A 100% recycled, “green” product
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non-reactive
  • Produces a white metal surface
  • Increase viability and production


We also stock Soda Blast, Coal Slag, Aluminum Oxide and Glass Beads blast media!

From one or two bags, to one or two pallets, to one or two truck loads, we can fulfill your order.

Stocking location: Millersville, MD. Large orders may ship directly from the manufacturer.

We generally stock 10/20 (coarse grit), 20/40 (medium grit), 30/70 (medium fine grit), 40/70 (fine grit) and now 70/100 (extra fine)  medias.
Please call to check pricing and availability on the grit size of your choosing.

Other available blast media’s include: Glass Bead, Aluminum Oxide, Coal Slag & Baking Soda


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