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At Chesapeake Blasting we sell only Natruim Products Soda Blast Media. It is not because some contract forbids us from selling anything else, it is because we feel that every other option for soda blasting media is inferior. We’ve used many different kinds and brands of soda blast media and Natrium Products is the only brand we will use when we are soda blasting and it is the only brand we would consider selling. It’s all about crystal size. While I could go on about it, I think the brochure from the Soda Works says it best so I will copy that text here.

You might be thinking “Baking soda is baking soda.” While this is true, not all baking soda makes good soda blasting media. At The Soda Works our goal is the provide you with the best soda blasting systems in the world. To reach this goal we have analyzed every aspect of the soda blasting process. Our system delivers the driest air possible to our patented venturi metering system and we have analyzed and perfected every aspect of our system down to the very baking soda that is being used in the process.

Our research has proven to us that not all soda is alike. We recommend and sell only Natrium Products Soda Blast Media. We strongly feel that Natrium Products soda is the only Soda Blast Media that should be used in soda blasting.

Why? It all has to do with particle size and in soda blasting and size matters! The size we are referring to is the size of the sodium bicarbonate crystal that makes up the media. The Natrium 260 Soda Blasting Media is manufactured in a process that results in a consistent crystal size. Over 90% of the Media is will not fit through a U.S.Standard #70 screen and this is a good thing. Larger particles equal less dust and more work. We have found the Natrium 260 to be the ideal size for soda blasting. Smaller crystals than the Natrium 260 just don’t get as much work done as larger crystals.

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Natruim Products Soda Blast Media is 100% pure Sodium Bicarbonate. There are no “flow additives” or other adulterants. Other “Soda Blasting Systems” cannot deliver air that is dry enough. Even if you hook up one of our Buster Blaster pots to their air supply, the moisture in the air will cause the soda to clump and clog.

Rather than be thorough and design a proper soda blasting system, other manufacturers “blame the soda” and add junk into the soda which diminishes the purity of the process. Sodium bicarbonate is completely water-soluble – you can visibly rinse it away with a hose. “Flow additives,” typically calcium carbonate and tri-calcium phosphate are not water soluble. To remove them from your work site requires more time and effort on your part. What’s more is the “flow additives” do not do any of the work of blasting, they simply make more dust and more mess for you to clean up afterward.

Natrium Products Soda Blast Media is the very best soda blast media available. It is pure sodium bicarbonate so you have no additional environmental hoops to jump through. The manufacturing process gives a consistent, predictable product. With every shipment of Natrium Products Soda Blast Media we receive, there is an analysis report on that specific batch. We are happy to furnish this information to anyone.

We are also happy to send a free sample of Natrium Products soda blast media – call for details. We can ship any amount from a single 50 lb bag, single 56 bag pallet, multiple pallets and even truck loads. When you use Natrium Products Soda Blast Media with a Buster Blaster Soda Blasting system you will be among the most productive and profitable soda blasters in the country!

The Soda Works maintains a nationwide network of dealers/distributors
and warehouses/distributes Natrium Products Soda Blast media
out of many strategic locations.

Natrium Close Up

Don’t take our word for it, the pictures are right here. The left hand picture is Natrium Products #260 soda blast media and the right hand picture is Soda Clean Maintenance Plus by FMC. Look at the size of the crystals in comparison to the size of the dime. The dime is the same size in each picture. See how much larger the crystals are in Natrium Products photograph. They are also more uniform in size. This is what’s known as consistency, quality and care in manufacturing. We mentioned how the proper-sized soda will do most of the work for you… well this is an example of the proper size.

Natrium Products soda blast media are the best for soda blasting. They are the only soda blasting media to use if you want to run a profitable soda blasting business and in the Buster Blaster system from The Soda Works as it is the only true soda blaster designed from the ground up specifically and exclusively for the task of soda blasting.

Look at the photos below – the right hand photo is a “maintenance” formula soda blast media and the photo to the left is Natrium Products #260 soda blast media. Look at how much smaller all of the crystals are in the right photo. This means they have less mass and they strike the surface of what you are trying to clean with less force and are unable to perform the work you need! In our opinion, maintenance  type sodium bicarbonate is good for keeping the PH balance in your swimming pool, not much else. But I wouldn’t even use it for that, the calcium carbonate will make the water cloudy, jam the filter and create a dust layer on the bottom of the pool! Natrium Products Soda Blast media is unequaled in the market place – not FMC, Armex, Solvay, Natural or any of the private labeled brands can produce like Natrium Products Soda Blast Media.
Natium Products #260 is close to 295 microns in grain size which is over 10% larger than any competitors soda blast media. Natrium #300 is close to 340 microns in size and completely unmatched in the industry. 


Chesapeake Soda Clean Carried the BEST Soda Blast Media Around!

MSDS – Natrium Products Soda Blast Media

CSC – Natrium Products MSDS

Other available blast media’s include: Glass Bead, Aluminum Oxide, Coal Slag & Crushed Glass


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