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Abrasive (crushed glass, etc.) Blast Media Gallery

Crushed Glass Blast Media is an engineered “sandblasting” product manufactured with uniform grain size derived from 100% Recycled Glass.  Crushed glass blast media can be used as a direct replacement for most hard abrasives, including silica-sand, Olivine, lava, coal slag (aka Black Beauty), and aluminum oxide. Crushed Glass is free of crystalline silica and is approved for use in numerous federal and state government agencies, and military branches.

Automotive Blasting Gallery

Soda Blasting can be used on cars of all substrate types including steel, aluminum, fiberglass and composites. Best results can be achieved when projects have been stripped as much as possible and include antique, classic and street rod type vehicles. Here is a gallery of before and after pictures of many different autos being stripped using Soda Blasting.

Marine Blasting Gallery

See for yourself how effective Soda Blasting is for removing anti-fouling coatings from boat bottoms. On average, our Chesapeake Bay area companies soda blast 75+ boats of various types and size per year. Here is a small sampling of some before, during and after pictures showing a variety of boats being cleaned using soda blasting. Please note that some of the fiberglass boat bottoms pictured below still have the epoxy barrier coat in tact. This is possible only with the use of baking soda blast media. Fiberglass and wood constructed boat hulls below were blasted with Natrium Products #300 soda blast media – the fastest, least dusty and least damaging soda blast media available.

Restoration Image Gallery

Soda Blasting is an exceedingly versatile process for performing all kinds of tasks. It is used to clean up smoke and charred wood after a fire and the removal and sanitation of mold and mold spores from flooding. Graffiti removal from any kind of surface is popular. Soda Blasting is a great prefix to re-staining and cleanup of a deck or removing decades old paint from brick walls.

Structural Blasting Examples

Sometimes an entire building can use a freshening up and they don’t need a fire first. Here are some examples of soda blasting being used to clean a building from top to bottom.

Other Soda Blasting Uses

Soda Blasting is so versatile and there are so many uses it is sometimes hard to find a nice category to place our before and after pictures in. When that happens, we will place them here.

Soda Blasting Examples

For Mold Remediation

The last 15 to 20 years in the blasting world has been interesting, to say the least. One small reason is that sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, has become an everyday topic of conversation.

Beginning with the restoration of The Statue of Liberty many years ago, baking soda blasting has carved out a niche in the market generally belonging to the sand blasters. And while sand blasting is truly a thing of the past (due to silicosis, an injury similar to asbestosis), baking soda is continuing to grow in popularity and diversity.

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For Fire Restoration

A few short years ago, some industrious contractors had the notion that soda blasting might be able to remove soot, carbon and residue after a fire. Soda Blasting is able to remove the residues, and even some light charring from wood and other surfaces without further damaging the structure.

Soda blasting is four times faster than hand sanding and brushing, and leaves wood with what can best be described as a “like new” appearance. It also provides a more thorough cleaning. Soda blasting allows the operator to clean deep into small gaps, entirely into corners, behind installed duct-work, and in areas unreachable my other methods of cleaning. Recent advances in nozzles and accessories make today’s soda blasting even more effective.

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For Paint Removal

There are many different methods used for paint removal. Boats, cars, furniture, walls, many things that are painted at some point have their paint removed. Read an overview of the advantages and disadvantages for each of the different methods.

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Automotive Blasting

No Metal Fatigue Or Warpage – Ever! No Damage To Glass, Rubber Or Chrome! Removes Undercoatings And Surface Rust! Baking Soda Is A Natural Rust Inhibitor – No Need to Immediately Prime after Soda Blasting Baking Soda Is Water Soluble – It Instantly Dissolves!

Best results for automotive soda blasting is achieved on vehicles with the interior removed. This allows us to strip the door and trunk frames and jams without the worry of baking soda dust entering the passenger compartment. Additionally, vehicles without motors allows us to strip and clean motor compartments and firewalls.

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Marine Soda Blasting

Most boats can be soda blasted in just one day with a much more thorough outcome verses hand or mechanical methods. Areas around through-hulls, running strakes and prop pockets and be cleaned like never before. Soda blasting will prepare the surface for gel coat repair, possible application of an epoxy barrier coating and application of new anti-fouling bottom paint. This will ensure years of coating life service and better operating performance because of reduced weight and less drag.

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