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Baking Soda Blast Equipment Sales

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At Chesapeake Blasting Service we sell the Buster Blaster soda blasting system by The Soda Works, Inc. We have done our homework and feel the Buster Blaster system to be the very best baking soda blasting system on the market. The development team at The Soda Works in Jefferson, Georgia developed a product that is superior in function, maintenance and productivity. We have found that by selling only the best system available, we have eliminated call backs for poor quality and/performance, and our clients are consistently happy with their purchase.

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In the same vein, we sell only the highest quality baking soda blasting media. Why expand our inventory to offer you more choices when any choice other than our favorite blast media would be inferior. Click on any of the links below to learn more about that product.

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Equipment for Dustless Blasting Media Sales

Buster Blaster 100 Mobile Soda Blasting Unit by The Soda Works (BB100M)

The patented Buster Blaster 100 Mobile Soda Blast unit by The Soda Works is a complete “turn key” business on wheels. Compactly built on a Sullivan-Palatek hi-pressure air compressor, this package has everything you need to build your mobile soda blasting service. It is virtually ready to roll out and start working the day it arrives.

This is the lightest, most compact mobile baking soda blaster currently available, yet still utilizing a 150 psi @ 210 cfm diesel powered air compressor. Easy to tow, easy to service and able to get into places that other designs just won’t allow. This is just a few of the thoughtful design features that makes this the easy choice if you’ve done your research.

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CSC – Soda Works Brochure Insert-Front.pdf

Check out an overview video of the Baking Soda Blasting System!

Equipment for Dustless Blasting Media SalesSkid Mount Baking Soda Blasting Packages by The Soda Works

You Supply The Correctly Sized Compressor And We’ll Supply The Best Of The Rest!

2 Packages To Fit Your Needs:

Buster Blaster 100 Economy Soda Blast Package by The Soda Works (BB100EPK)
Buster Blaster 100 Contractor Soda Blast Package by The Soda Works (BB100CPK)

Both packages feature the following:
Patented Buster Blaster model 100 soda blasting pot (100 lb. media capacity).
150 psi maximum working air pressure.
1″ ID stainless steel supply air piping.
High capacity compressed air cooler/drier package.
12 volt electric deadman trigger with rotor valve system or pneumatic deadman trigger with pinch valve.
50′ or 100′ 3/4″ ID blast hose.
Aluminum Media Fill Funnel.
Fully Powder Coated.
Interconnect hoses.
3 available nozzle sizes plus our popular fan nozzle.

These are terrific soda blast packages and the most “bang for the buck” from The Soda Works. Your compressor minimum air supply pressure should be able to maintain at least 100 psi at the blast pot. We strongly recommend maintaining a working psi of 125 to 135 psi for most efficient blasting. Cfm requirements on these two packages will range between 50 to 210 cfm depending on the nozzle size and psi being utilized. 

Click on the links below for more information:
CSC – Soda Works Brochure Insert-Back

CSC – Soda Works BB100EPK Instructions

CSC – Soda Works BB100CPK Instructions

Check out an overview video of the Soda Blasting System!

Equipment for Baking Soda BlastingBuster Blaster 100 Soda Blasting Pot by The Soda Works (BB100P)

Here it is – the only true baking soda blast pot! Built from the ground up to shoot baking soda and only baking soda – it’s patented!

Use your own correctly sized air compressor, add a second Buster Blaster pot onto your mobile unit or upgrade your “sandblasting” system to use a real soda blasting pot! The BB-100P is the only true, patented, soda blasting pot.

The Buster Blaster was designed specifically for the task of baking soda blasting and as a result it performs the greatest amount of work possible with the most conservative use of the soda blasting media. When you use a Buster Blaster in combination with 100% pure Natrium Products soda blasting media, you will save money!

The BB100P soda blast pot has a media capacity of 2 bags (100 lb. media).

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Check out an overview video of the Soda Blasting System!


Our Competition…

Brand Comparison

The Buster Blaster 100 Mobile Soda Blaster manufactured by The Soda Works compared to several competitors units…. Once you compare them side by side you see there is really no comparison.

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Brand Comparison, Visual Examples

So how do two brands of Soda Blasters compare after they have been used for a while? Here we have pictures of a Buster Blaster that is 2+ years old compared to a Sodablast Systems SB200 that is about 2-1/2 years. in these pictures you will see, graphically, how much difference a well thought out design makes. The differences that are impressive on paper for new units are astounding after the Soda Blasters have seen some use

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The Soda Works Manufacturing Facility

Because the Buster Blaster manufactured by The Soda Works, Inc is the only true soda blaster, The Soda Works is constantly building new Soda Blasting units to keep up with the demand. See the manufacturing plant of these great Soda blasters and see how they are put together. The Soda Works is the patent holder (2006 patent) and prime builder of the Buster Blaster line of true, dedicated soda blasters. They do not sub-contract or buy soda blast pots from other blast manufacturers.

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Tools for Baking Soda Blasting

Soda Blast Fan Nozzle by Chesapeake Blasting Service, Inc.

At Chesapeake Blasting we not only sell soda blasters and supplies, but we have years of experience in soda blast contracting. We realized certain types of jobs could be performed faster and more efficiently with customized nozzles. We perfected the design of this fan nozzle and with an estimated air flow of somewhere between 50 to 80 cfm (depending on psi), this is a perfect tool for Fire Restoration, Mold Remediation and General Surface Cleaning applications.

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Nozzle Tool for Dustless Blasting

Wet/Dry Nozzles for Dustless Blasting

You say that you want some water with that blast media? OK, here it is! Do you want or need to reduce dust when blasting? Don’t buy a new blast pot – add a wet/dry blast nozzle at a fraction of the cost. No dust or dustless blasting seems to be all the rage today and we can convert most any professional style blast pot into a slurry blast system. Virtually any media can be used with these nozzles and there will be no need to empty or flush out your pot at the end of the day.



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Tools for  Baking Soda Blasting

Compressed Air Cooling and Drying Packages by The Soda Works

To get the best results when soda blasting, the air you use needs to be completely dry. Any moisture in the compressed air will be absorbed by the soda causing it to cake, clump and jam your equipment. This results in down time and loss of productivity.

The air cooling / drying packages manufactured by The Soda Works is just the thing you need.

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Baking Soda Blast Media

 Baking Soda Blast Media (sodium bicarbonate)

At Chesapeake Blasting we sell only Natruim Products Baking Soda Blasting Media. It is not because some contract forbids us from selling anything else, it is because we feel that every other option for soda blasting media is inferior. We’ve tried many different kinds of soda and Natrium Products is the only kind we will use when we are soda blasting and it is the only kind we would consider selling. It’s all about large crystal size and the lack of undesirable “flow additives” – that’s what makes Natrium Products so much nicer to work with!

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Crushed Glass Blast Media Sales

Recycled Crushed Glass Blast Media

Abrasive Blast Media – Eco-Friendly!

Recycled crushed glass blast media is a terrific blast media with loads of applications! It works well in addition with your other media(s), is safer and cleaner than silica sand, and is environmentally friendly. No free silica and no heavy metals makes crushed glass blast media worker and environmentally acceptable. Crushed glass is different than glass beads in that crushed glass is a sharp angular grain and cuts coatings and rust just like sand and slag based medias without the environmental issues of those older medias. We stock many different grit sizes to fit your needs. 
From one or two bags, to one or two pallets, to one or two truck loads, we can fulfill your order!

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Abrasive (sand) Blasting Equipment by Marco USA, Clemco Industries and Blast It All

Chesapeake Blasting is an authorized dealer/distributor of  abrasive blast equipment and works hand-in-hand with our premier line-up of surface preparation products. Our vendor’s commitment to providing superior quality in design, manufacturing, distribution, and service is what sold us. This is professional equipment that will enhance and expand your blast capabilities, and is a perfect fit for use with environmentally friendly crushed glass blast media, which we also stock. Dry, wet or slurry/dustless blasting capabilities are available for all our blast pots.

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After Blast Surface Wash/Prep Products
Prevent Coatings Failures By Eliminating Surface Contaminates After Blasting.
After Blast Surface Wash/Preps that stop the formation of rust for long periods of time – often many days.


We use and sell All Purpose Prepaint Degreaser by

Great Lakes Laboratories.

Similar products that also are recommended:

HoldTight Solutions – HoldTight 102

Chlor*rid – Hold*Blast

We recommend and sell All Purpose Prepaint Degreaser by Great Lakes Labratories and it’s a great after blast surface wash product and can be purchased in 5-gal and 55 gallon containers from Chesapeake Soda Clean. Many “home made” methods are being talked about, but nothing beats a professionally developed “project specific” products like the ones mentioned above.  Please call (410) 987-2077 for more information.

See Mr. Stacey Stone’s recommendation for HoldTight 102 featured in the July 2011 issue of Auto Restorer Magazine.

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Rental Companies – Soda Blast Equipment

Crushed Glass Blast Media and Baking Soda Blasting

Typical Rental Soda Blast Package

 We sell equipment to several local equipment rental companies including ABC Rentals & Rental Works. Please contact them directly for pricing and availability.  

Rentals of Soda Works brand soda blast equipment
are now available at a growing number of independent
and chain outlets. 

The rental equipment program is intended to assist blast industry professionals with their local soda blast projects. Whether you’re a fire/mold restoration contractor or company or a sand blast company in need of soda blast equipment, The Soda Works has you covered. The Soda Works exclusively sells professional grade soda blast packages to rental professionals who in turn rents to their customers. Rentals are best suited to companies and individuals with prior blasting experience and is designed for small to mid-sized projects. Large scale projects may be better served by one of our local area soda blast contractors – please call for a referral.

Rental packages include the soda blast equipment with the all important compressed air cooler/dryer package. Tow behind air compressors and soda blast media are also available from our rental outlet partners. 

Soda Blast pot media capacity: 2 bags (100 lb. media)

 Package includes: 1 – 50′ by 3/4″ ID blast hose, pneumatic dead-man trigger controls, 12 volt electric – 185 cfm compressed air cooler, 375 cfm centrifugal moisture separator, media fill funnel, #4 (1/4″) dry blast round pattern nozzle and #4 (1/4″) dry blast fan pattern nozzle.

 If you are a rental outlet looking into the purchase of a package to place in your rental fleet, please call us or directly to the Soda Works at 1-800-267-8098. Incredibly fast ROI, quality and durability of equipment and great customer support. 

Crushed Glass Blast Media, Soda Blast Media, Baking Soda Blasting & Sandblasting in Maryland