Buster Blaster 100 Soda Blasting Pot by The Soda Works

Use your own correctly sized air compressor or add a second Buster Blaster pot onto your mobile unit or upgrade your “sandblasting” system to use a real soda blasting pot! The BB-100P is the only true, patented, soda blasting pot. The Buster Blaster was designed specifically for the task of baking soda blasting and as a result it performs the greatest amount of work possible with the most conservative use of the soda blasting media. When you use a Buster Blaster in combination with~ 100% pure soda blasting media, you will save money!

The BB100P soda blast pot has a media capacity of 2 bags (100 lb. media)

The Buster Blaster 100 package includes:

  • 1 – 50’ 3/4″ ID blast hose
  • 1 – 55’ 12-volt electric control line (pneumatic dead man controls available too)
  • Re-buildable, “Red Head” trigger
  • 12-volt electric/air rotary shut off valve
  • Spun aluminum media fill funnel with screen
  • # 4 (1/4″) dry blast nozzle. Other available nozzles include #3 (3/16″) and #5 (5/16″) as well as wet/dry blast nozzles and fan blast type nozzles. 

If you are considering ordering a Buster Blaster 100 soda blaster you should already have a high-volume air compressor with a compressed air cooling/drying system. If you are already performing mobile sandblasting or have a mobile “soda blast” system and want to move up to a high-performance/low-maintenance and very efficient blast pot, then you are in for a real treat!

Your current compressor must have a minimum capacity of 55 cfm at 125 PSI to supply a 3/16″ nozzle.

The largest nozzle available, 5/16″, requires a compressor capacity of 150 cfm at 125 psi to supply it and can max out at 210 cfm at 150 psi.

Please call for recommended air compressor requirements.

For greatest efficiency, an air cooling/drying package is generally required with BB-100P soda pot purchase.

CSC-BB100-Brochure for the BB-100

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