Mobile Baking Soda Blasting UnitThe Buster Blaster 100 Mobile Soda unit by The Soda Works is a complete “turn key” business on wheels. It is built around a Sullivan-Palatek High Pressure air compressor which is driven by a Tier 4 emission compliant diesel engine or a 4 cylinder industrial gasoline engine and has an output of 210 cfm at 150 psi or 185 cfm @ 135 psi. The system is “road ready” and incorporates factory installed suspension, axle, brakes, tires and lights so you can simply hitch it up to your 1/2 ton truck, van or SUV and haul it to your job site. Lightweight, compact and nimble, the Buster Blaster 100 Mobile Soda Blast unit will fit where other larger units won’t and save you money in towing fuel costs.

The Buster Blaster 100 is the only true Baking Soda Blaster. It operates using the patented, self-cleaning venturi that requires little or no maintenance. The venturi combined with the metering system in the Buster Blaster soda blaster virtually eliminates downtime because of clogged lines and will deliver a precise and even flow of the blasting medium so you can complete your work on-time and on budget. The patented Buster Blaster 100 soda blast pot could save you 6 bags (or more!) of soda per day compared to our competitors converted sand blast pots.

The folks at The Soda Works have carefully thought out every aspect of their design of the Buster Blaster Soda Blasting System. They designed it and they build every unit at their factory in Walla Walla, Washington. Exterior piping is subject to corrosion which can effect long-term performance so the folks at The Soda Works use only Stainless Steel in their exterior piping. The hot air from the compressor is cooled by efficient, engine-driven coolers and is the only design of it’s type – eliminating switches, wires and fans. Moisture is removed via high-capacity centrifugal moisture separator so the air that is driving the soda is “desert” dry. This prevents the soda from clogging and fouling the lines. The patented, self-cleaning venturi valve gives you precise control of the soda flow which lets you use 25% – 50% less soda to do the same amount of work!

 Soda Blast pot media capacity: 2 x 50 lb. bags (100 lb. media)

Package includes:

  • Sullivan-Palatek hi-pressure compressor rated 150 psi @ 210 cfm. Tier 3 John Deere diesel motor.
  • Custom mounted Buster Blaster 100 soda blasting pot.
  • 2 – 185 cfm (370 cfm total) engine driven air coolers, rear mounted.
  • 500 cfm centrifugal moisture separator, under cowl mounted.
  • 100 ft. (2 x 50 ft.) pre-coupled blast hose.
  • 55 ft. extreme duty 12 volt control line with re-buildable ”Red Head” trigger.
  • 55 ft. extreme duty 12-volt extension line.
  • 12 volt air/electric rotary shut off valve.
  • Spun aluminum fill funnel with screen.
  • #3 (3/16″) and #5 (5/16″) dry blast nozzles (wet nozzles, fan nozzle and extensions optional).
  • Hydraulic brakes with parking brake.
  • Mounted spare tire (optional).
  • Crane lift eye on top of unit.

Why you should choose a Buster Blaster 100 system?

The Buster Blaster 100 Mobile Unit is the Ultimate Soda Blasting machine. It is our own patented, custom designed system that will give you the very best soda blasting results period. There is no other system out there marketing itself as a “Soda Blaster” that can come close to the Buster Blaster system. Designed and built by us from the bottom up for soda blasting only, our system will complete more trouble-free work in less time using less soda.


The Buster Blaster is 21st-century design it was awarded a Patent in 2006!
The Conical Pot Design is best for the soda flow!
It is Simple, Efficient and Easy-to-use!
It is easily towed by a 1/2 ton truck, van or SUV!
The exterior piping/hoses are stainless steel! No corrosion! No Rot! No Chafing!
The blast pot and brackets are powder coated!
The Buster Blaster has a self-cleaning, no clog soda blast pot!
The Buster Blaster has unmatched soda flow rates!

The compressor on the mobile soda blaster is capable of driving two soda blasting pots. When you are ready to expand your business and add a second blasting operator you can simply buy a second soda blasting pot and you have doubled your work capacity!

Buster Blaster 100 Mobile – Highlights:

  • Manufactured by the originator of the mobile soda blaster!
  • Low media flow rates unmatched by any competitor!
  • The only dedicated soda blast pot manufactured!
  • Coolest, driest air of any soda blaster available!
  • Exterior painted surfaces are powder coated!
  • Conical blast pot design – best for soda flow!
  • Two manual moisture traps – fail-safe design!
  • Easily towed by 1/2 ton truck, van or SUV!
  • Exterior piping/hoses are stainless steel!
  • 21st century design! 2006 patent award!
  • Rebuildable 12 volt trigger assembly!
  • Regional dealer/distributor network!
  • Self-cleaning, no clog soda blast pot!
  • Variable speed air cooling design!
  • Simple, compact and easy to use!
  • Premium rotor valve assembly!
  • Engineered to last a lifetime!
  • 24/7 technical support!
  • Made in the USA! 
  • Designed with the professional blaster in mind!
  • High ground clearance and angle of departure!
  • Comprehensive training included with every sale!

Operating Instructions for the Soda Works BB100M Mobile Soda Blaster:
CSC – Soda Works BB100M Instructions

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