Soda Blaster Comparisons

Visual comparison of A 2+ year old Soda Works Buster Blaster 100 Mobile soda blaster to a 2.5 year old Sodablast Systems (MMLJ) SB200 mobile soda blaster.

So how do two brands of soda blasters compare after they have been used for a while? Here we have pictures of a Soda Works Buster Blaster 100 Mobile unit that is 2+ years old compared to a Sodablast Systems SB200 that is about 2-1/2 years. In these pictures you will see, graphically, how much difference a well thought out design makes. The differences that are impressive on paper for new units are astounding after the soda blasters have seen some use.

First, let’s take a look at the air-cooling unit on the back of a Sodablast Systems SB200. See how the rust has broken through the paint of the stand? The black iron pipe is corroding visibly. How much longer will it be before the owner of this $37,000.00 unit will be overwhelmed with air leaks, rust and constant down time because of equipment failure? What do you think it will look like in five years?

Baking Soda Blast Equipment Comparisions

Let’s look at the air cooling unit on a Soda Works Buster Blaster 100 Mobile soda blaster. This is not a new unit. It is sent out on the road 5 or more days per week blasting at marinas, homes and industrial sites in all kinds of weather. The stand for the coolers has no signs of rust because the metal is powder coated to insure years of service. The bright stainless steel piping looks as good as the day it was made and it performs as well too. In five more years this Buster Blaster 100 will look just about as good and will be performing as good as when it was brand new.

Baking Soda Blaster Unit

Now let us look at the actual blasting pots. First the Sodablast Systems SB200. Once again, corrosion is an issue and obvious. The oxidized powdery-white paint only makes it look worse. Look at the design quality on this unit. Did they think about this products at all before beginning to build it or did they just hand some guy a box of plumbing parts and told him to slap something together? Gee, all of that iron pipe; all of those threaded connections; all of that rust… I pity the guy who is going to have to try to make a living using that machine in a few years. Imagine how much time lost to maintenance and repairs. It almost looks like someone took some old sand blasting pot from the 1930’s and called it a “soda blaster.” Oh wait, that’s what they did!
Also note, the twin air cooler is installed on the “hot” end of the compressor. The idea is to cool the air and condense the moisture. This system has to overcome the engine heat as well as the ambient heat.

Soda Blasting Equipment Comparison

On the other hand, the Soda Works Buster Blaster 100 soda blast pot is looking pretty good. Once again, a durable powder coated finish stands up to the harsh environments your blaster will be enduring and the stainless steel pipe is as good as new. No potentially rusted through, leaky connections here! Look carefully at the design of everything. Nice clean lines. No unnecessary joints, levers, dials or gauges. Simple, elegant design. Then again the Buster Blaster was designed as a soda blaster! The Soda Works thought through every aspect of how to do soda blasting right, from the patented, self-cleaning Venturi valve that meters the flow of soda, to the powder-coat finish and stainless steel piping that will give years of trouble-free service. It’s not an accident, they designed it that way!

 Baking Soda Blast Pot Comparison

Remember, you are investing in YOUR future. The Buster Blaster soda blasting system built by The Soda Works is superior in every way. Out the door the Buster Blaster performs circles around the converted “Sand Blaster to Soda Blasters” out there. The thought and care put into every aspect of the design and build of the Buster Blaster 100 Mobile Unit insures that five years down the road the Buster Blaster will be performing as new with the least amount of service and maintenance possible. The Buster Blaster by The Soda Works will still be making you money while the other unit will be rusting away in a junk yard.

Attention StripCo Owners/Operators

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Read our StripCo Disclaimer!

Soda Blast pots purchased from the company StripCo (aka CHC International) in Dallas, Texas, between the dates February 20, 2005 and April 23, 2007 or later, have been illegally altered!

The pots in question were fabricated by US Metals, located in Sandy, Oregon and developed and manufactured under U.S patent # 7,134,95 B2 for THE SODA WORKS of Walla Walla, Washington, Joe Alexander, President.

Please be advised that StripCo apparently removed a portion of the federal certification plates containing inspection, certification, builder and patent holder information.

Photographs of illegally modified pots have been displayed on the StripCo website and in other advertising. Use of one of these pots missing a federal inspection plate is not advised. Any failures are the responsibility of the user and StripCo.

Baking Soda Blasting | Equipment Corrosion


Current StripCo blast pots are visual copies of other manufacturers equipment. Upon close inspection of the units and from reports of users, it has been determined that certain inherent performance flaws exist in the build/design of the units.

StripCo units are a “compilation” of parts and not done very well. The units that I have seen (in photos and in person) have been very poorly assembled. Rusty piping, loose, bare and unsecured electrical wiring and inefficient compressed air cooling/drying are just some of the highlights of these rigs. The optional remote control flow adjustment works some of the time and will adjust up when you want to go down and visa/versa. Why do they need a remote anyway? It’s because the pot will not stay in proper adjustment as the media level changes. I have tons of photos of these rigs if you want to see what I’m talking about. Quality doesn’t cost, it pays!

Baking Soda Blasting Comparison

Another Machine Comparison

This is a 6-month-old, $32,000 machine
  • Note the rust already starting to form on the piping, etc.
  • Note the use of cheap, rubber connector hoses.
  • Note toggle switch and connections are unprotected from the elements.
  • Note loose and unprotected electrical wiring.
  • Note the altered Soda Works Buster Blaster 100 soda blast pot.
    The federal registration/build information plate has been cut off!
    Yes that’s right, The Soda Works used to supply StripCo with soda
    blast pots between 2005 and 2007.
Baking Soda Blasting Machine Comparison


StripCo and Natural Soda

StripCo is now advertising that they sell and distribute Natural Soda brand of soda blasting media. Please, do not confuse this brand with Natrium Products which is the premier brand of soda blasting media. Natural Soda is not manufactured nor is it advertised as a blast media! Natural Soda is a supplier of Sodium Bicarbonate to the Baking, Pharmaceutical and Animal Nutrition markets to name a few.

Check this out for yourself at I could not find any mention of this product being suitable as a blast media. A product like this is very small in grain size and will be very slow in performance which means you will use at least twice as much soda to complete your project when compared to a product like Natruim 260. So, ask yourself, do you want to use 5 or 6 bags of Natrium 260 to strip that project or would you rather 12+? Just think of the cost and clean-up issues with Natural Soda…

Blast Media Comparison – Natrium Products Vs. Natural Soda

This video is a side by side test comparing Natrium Products 260 Soda Blasting Media (LEFT) and Natural Soda Brand Media (RIGHT). The test was under identical conditions. A Soda Works Buster Blaster Model 100 soda blast setup was used – the most productive and efficient on the market today. We completed the Natrium Products Soda video 1st and then cleaned out the blast pot and refilled it with Natural Brand Soda and completed the same amount of stripping. The test parameters and results are as follows:

  1. Blasting was performed at 125 psi using a #4 (1/4″ I.D.) dry nozzle
  2. All pressures and media settings were exactly the same.
  3. The results below are based on identical coatings to be removed and size of blasted area. The Natrium Products 260 Soda took 1 min. 38 seconds to complete the blast area.The Natural Brand Soda took 2 min. 45 seconds to complete the same amount of blast area.

As you can see, Natrium Products Soda Media is 40% more productive.

Natrium Products Blast Media was less dusty during the blast comparison; however that is hard to determine in this video as the dust evacuation system is pulling approximately 20,000 cfm through the blast booth. This video was not set up to disparage another manufacturer’s product. It demonstrates the benefits of using the Soda Works Buster blaster soda blasting unit in conjunction with the Natrium Products brand soda blasting media. When you combine the Soda Works Buster Blaster unit, with its patented metering system, and Natrium Products Blast Media, the highest quality blasting soda on the market, you get a combination of equipment and media that no other soda blasting system can match. More production with less media equals increased profit for you and more value for your soda blast customers.


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