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Blast Nozzle Extensions by Chesapeake Soda Clean

Cool New Tools For Your Box!

In response to requests from soda blast contractors, a couple of the Soda Works network dealers developed a new set of nozzle extensions. Like our super popular fan blast nozzles, we are always looking to create new technologies to help contractors be more profitable and efficient. We’re different from most of the other soda blast manufacturers: we actually use this stuff in our own contracting businesses, and we want the best equipment and medias possible at all times, too!

Our new nozzle extensions are stainless steel and feature 1.25” threaded male and female ends. The inside diameter is .75” to match most professional quality soda blast hoses in use today. Two lengths are included in the kit – a 12” extension weighing 1 lb. 7 oz. and 22” extension weighing 2 lbs. The two can be coupled together for a total length of 34” of extension. A knurled center section is included for a firm grip while blasting and we are now including a 90 degree handle for even more convenience.

Fire restoration and mold remediation contractors will love these new extensions, but we are finding applications in all sorts of soda blast projects.

A complete nozzle extension kit includes a 12″ extension, 22″ extension, handle and 3 O-ring coupling gaskets. Priced at $349.95 for the complete 3 piece set.

Baking Soda Blasting Extensions

For a limited time add a fan nozzle to your order and
we’ll knock 5% off the total order and ship via UPS Ground
at no additional charge! Please mention this offer when ordering.

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