Fan-Pattern Soda Blast Nozzle by Chesapeake Soda Clean

Fan Pattern Baking Soda Blasting Nozzle

Fan Pattern Baking Soda Blasting Nozzle

Just when you thought soda blasting couldn’t possibly get any better!

Double or even triple your “per square foot” per hour output with one of these nozzles.
Perfect for Fire Restoration, Mold Remediation and General Surface Cleaning applications.

At Chesapeake Soda Clean we not only sell soda blasters and supplies, we have years of experience in the practice of soda blasting. In the course of our work we realized certain types of jobs could be performed faster and more efficiently with customized nozzles. We came upon the idea of changing the shape of the blast pattern from circular to a line. This wider pattern allows faster cleaning of many surface contaminants.

After a number of iterations, we developed the perfect balance of spread/airflow that is incorporated in this fan nozzle. When used with a professional-level blasting system, this nozzle will give you optimal performance on mold remediation, fire restoration and general surface cleaning applications. Unlike other fan type nozzles, this model is smaller and therefore better suited for use in structures and crawl spaces. Lower soda and air use means less clean-up, better visibility and reduced fuel consumption. We have received numerous field reports of 350 to as much as 600 square feet per hour of production. 

This nozzle is of the highest quality manufacture produced in 100% stainless steel. They are made exclusively for Chesapeake Soda Clean, Inc., here in the USA. The nozzle is 8-1/2″ long and a weight of 13 oz. The 1-1/4″ NPT nozzle threads fit most professional level nozzle holders. The air flow rates are approximately 80 cfm @ 125 psi.

Priced at $449.95 (plus S&H) and this nozzle is usually in stock and ready for immediate delivery.
This nozzle will pay for itself on just one full day job. Would you like to potentially cut your blast time in half, yet still charge the same per square foot rate? THIS tool can do it!!!

For a limited time, add a nozzle extension kit to your order and we’ll knock 5% off the total order and ship via UPS Ground
at no additional charge! Please mention this offer when ordering. 

Check out this video of mold remediation being performed with one of our new Fan Nozzles.

How much time can this save you?

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