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Leasing & Financing Options Available

We do not offer financing or leasing directly through our company, but we do refer to a host of companies that specialize in this business. At Chesapeake Soda Clean, Inc., we are not interested in your financial history and feel that this should be between you and the financial folks and we do not receive any paybacks or discounts from any of our referral leasing companies.

Each of the companies listed below is unique and has different plans to offer you. Please contact any or all of the companies to find out which one or ones best fits your financial goal regarding a equipment purchase with Chesapeake Soda Clean, Inc.   


Wells Fargo Equipment Finance, Inc.
Michelle J. Schinktgen: 1-800-761-2164
Sylvia M. Toledo: 1-847-405-1412

Marlin Finance – Keith Garagozzo – *

Fernwood Capital – Doug Bullock – *

Alliance Leasing – Cindy Adler

Aztec Financial – Mary Griser – *

Direct Capital – John Andrews

Paramount Financial – Lui Campos – *
1-480-222-0300 x-114

AGC Equipment Finance – Matt Welly

* – denotes companies that our customers have used recently or have had recent contact.

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