Scam Alert News From Chesapeake Soda Clean, Inc.

Before you lay down a ton of hard earned money on a new soda blasting system, carefully and diligently check out the equipment and the company that you are looking at. You should personally look at and demo any and all systems that you can, even if that means calling a local contractor to see their equipment and ask him or her if they like it and if they would buy the same equipment again.

ASK FOR REFERRALS!!! Get the names and numbers of 5 or even 10 contractors that the manufacturer has sold to and get them from a cross section of the country. This should be a reasonable request and the manufacturer should be able to give you this information on the spot or within a day or two via e-mail. Bottom line – DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!

A Patent To Fix A Problem???

Have you heard about the new PATENTED sodablast system from STRIPCO®?

Our competition has and here is why they are desperate and scared!  The PATENTED Stripco® Mobile Soda Blaster (US PATENT # 8,057,279) is the latest, most efficient sodablast technology on the market.  The operator can command the exact amount of product desired to be delivered to the blast stream with the touch of a button at the nozzle.  Using granular baking soda as the magic ingredient, our patented soda blaster removes stubborn materials from almost any surface. It not only produces amazing results, our soda blast media is also water-soluble, non-toxic, non hazardous, and safe for the environment.

My Response:
The patent is on the remote control flow adjustment device, not a new design of a soda blast pot. As stated below and confirmed by numerous reports from owners, the media flow from the pot will not stay in proper adjustment throughout a fill of the blast pot. As the media level changes in the blast pot, the amount of media exiting the nozzle changes causing constant adjustment to the flow adjustment mechanism. The fix is an expensive and finicky remote control device at the nozzle and I have heard that it often works backwards. Why not just design a good metering device for the media and forget the remote control? Buy a Soda Works Buster Blaster 100 soda blast pot and you won’t have this problem AND you’ll use less media too! 

Granular soda? What? StripCo is no longer a Natrium Products distributor and that is granular soda. StripCo now sells Natural brand soda and is a poor performing soda blast media as it’s not granular and not even marketed by Natural as a blast media. Here’s what Natural has to say about applications with their coarse granular soda:
APPLICATIONS: Deodorizers, dry bleaches, chemical applications, swimming pool treatments.

Look up Natural soda and see for yourself that they are not really in the blast media business and then ask yourself if you really want to use twice the amount of media to get that job done.

Attention StripCo Owners/Operators

Soda Blast pots purchased from the company StripCo (aka CHC International) in Dallas, Texas, between the dates February 20, 2005 and April 23, 2007 or later, have been altered. The soda blast pots in question were sold by The Soda Works to StripCo for their use during this time period.

The pots in question were fabricated by US Metals, located in Sandy, Oregon and developed and manufactured under U.S patent # 7134945 for THE SODA WORKS of Walla Walla, Washington, Joe Alexander, President. Please be advised that StripCo apparently removed a portion of the federal certification plate containing inspection, certification, builder and patent holder information. Photographs of illegally modified pots had been displayed on the StripCo website and in other advertising.

Use of one of these pots missing a federal inspection plate is not advised and any failures are the responsibility of the user and StripCo.

Note that current StripCo blast pots and rigs are visual copies of other manufacturers equipment – namely The Soda Works and SodaBlast Systems – both former suppliers of parts and equipment to StripCo. . Upon close inspection of the units and from reports of users, it has been determined that certain inherent performance flaws exist in the build/design of the units.

To the right is a picture of a Soda Works Buster Blaster 100 pot with altered federal build and inspection plate. Note: it is missing the bottom half of the plate – it has been cut off which is a big no-no! StripCo did not want buyers to see that the pot was built by The Soda Works. This is but just one of the reasons that The Soda Works discontinued sales to StripCo.


Baking Soda Blasting Equipment

To the right is a photo of Soda Works Buster Blaster 100 soda blast pot mounted on a StripCo soda blasting unit during the time period mentioned above. Note: the Soda Works would never use rubber supply hoses on their units – this is a real chafe hazard and just sloppy build work.

Baking Soda Blasting Blast Pots

To the right is a photo taken in November 2009 of a StripCo mobile soda blaster featuring a 3.5 cu. ft. Axxium/Schmidt sand blast pot being utilized as a soda blast pot. Stated soda flow rates at this show with this pot were 100 lbs. per hour – double the flow rate of a Soda Works Buster Blaster 100 soda blast pot. This is not a very good soda blaster… Check out the magnetic turn/stop lights on top of the compressor – nice!?!?!?

Mobile Baking Soda Blasting
 To the right you’ll see a StripCo automatic moisture separator. What happens if this fails? A mechanical unit with manual drain that can be adjusted for the humidity of the day is way more reliable and important.This unit is somewhat undersized when using a large bore nozzle like a 5/16″ (#5). Baking Soda Blasting Equipment
 StripCo uses smaller air coolers than The Soda Works thus less cooling of the air will be accomplished. More rubber hoses to chafe, rot and fail. Baking Soda Blasting Equipment
 Look, the inspection plate has no serial number. This is a big no-no. Every unit is supposed to be uniquely identified in case of failure and/or injury. Baking Soda Blast Equipment Without Serial Number

Just a single aux. air output  – The Soda Works provides two gated outlets. Note the 12 volt cooling fans – The Soda Works eliminated the fans, switches and wiring to simplify the system and we exchange more air!

Baking Soda Blast Equipment Comparison

Think you need a remote control flow adjustment for your blast pot? We don’t. The Soda Works contractor based dealer network sells a lot of baking soda blast media to our Soda Works network of trained contractors, but also to a lot of our competitors contractors too. That list includes contractors from StripCo, Sodablast Systems, Surface Tek, Pro Blast, and Eastwood’s to name a few. We hear what their contractors have to say about their equipment and most tell us really just how much media they are using per hour.

Comments from the StripCo guys is that the pot will not stay in adjustment as the media level in the pot changes – hence the need for the remote control. Why not just build a pot that stays in proper adjustment and forget the expensive remote control that often works backwards? Over the past few years, StripCo has purchased and sold no less than four different blast pots from suppliers. When one of their contractors call with a problem, a request or for technical advise, I first have to determine what pot is on his rig. Is it a Sodablast Systems or a Schmidt or a Soda Works (Yup, they used to sell to StripCo) or a patented Soda Works Buster Blaster look-a-like (in external looks only)?

The Soda Works makes the only Soda Blaster in the world designed from the ground up specifically and exclusively for soda blasting. Through the patented Buster Blaster system, you can achieve peak performance and efficiency from the soda media. The Buster Blaster system has a patented self-cleaning venturi that requires little or no maintenance. The metered system runs consistently with no variation in the media flow throughout the job. The metering valve is precision fit to enable soda consumption to be reduced by 20% to 50%. The savings in media and increase in efficiency when you are using the Buster Blaster system by The Soda Works will have it paying for itself!

Think Your Going To Save Money With StripCo

All I can say is “Wow, no your not”! I have been talking with a gentleman here on the east coast for well over a year and he’s been looking at buying a soda blast set-up. He called me last week and said that he had bought a skid pack from Bill at StripCo because it was less money than a BB100CPK Contractor pack from The Soda Works. He said “They’re all the same” so why pay more? He was calling me not to say that he had bought a unit, but to say IT DIDN’T WORK and could I now help him out with it. His soda usage was off the charts, the pot was clogging (moisture) and the pot would not stay in adjustment which is a problem that I’ve heard way too many times. Instead of producing an efficient blast pot, StripCo is trying to fix the problem with an $1,800.00 remote control option – gee, ‘aint that nice?

Quality doesn’t cost – it pays!!! This guy is loosing money and wasting time trying to get the system to work (and it won’t) and he’s burning through two or three times more soda than he needs to. Not only is he wasting soda blast media, but he has to pick it back up and dispose of it. Oh, I forgot to mention that he was using the Natural brand soda blast media provided by StripCo and IT’S NOT DESIGNED TO BE BLAST MEDIA!

Baking Soda Blast Media Equipment Comparison by Chesapeake Soda Clean


StripCo Scam Alert!!!


American Sodablasting Association

A Web Site By, For and About StripCo


There is a web site created and maintained by StripCo claiming to be an organization to assist the American Sodablasting Industry in general. However, this web site has been created to try to deliver false information mainly about The Soda Works, the manufacturer of the Buster Blaster brand of soda blasting equipment and two of the Soda Works distributors, Chesapeake Soda Clean, Inc. and NuTech Refinishing, Inc. The company behind this scam web site is StripCo, Inc. In order to provide a service to the industry like is described in the web site, it goes unsaid that it should be unbiased and serve no purpose other than to educate the industry and do this with honesty and integrity. Isn’t it ironic that when you look under the TRUTH part of the web site that StripCo Inc. has no inaccurate or misleading information found. But who would expect it since StripCo, Inc. is solely responsible for all the content of this web site. Obviously the Soda Works brand is a major contender and quite possibly the leader in this industry. The production cannot be matched by any equipment on the market at this time and our distributors offer comprehensive hands-on training and unmatched customer service. These are hard facts to combat, so if you cannot compete with quality of the equipment, customer service and production numbers, then one alternative is to create a web site, structure it so that it appears to be an unbiased, informative site that has a intent of consumer protection and  try to mislead people with untrue and misleading information. This appears to be the action of a desperate company that has had its sales depleted by the competition. When you cannot compete with a superior product and customer service then you take the low road and try to affect their sales by misinformation.

Brand comparisons on the Chesapeake Soda Clean site are for informational purposes only. Statements and comparisons on our site are factual at the time of posting and have either been confirmed with actual use, photographs and reports by owners/operators. Now, with the existence of this web site it is time to speak out, StripCo Inc. has again crossed a line in their continual unethical practices and this issue cannot go unaddressed.  We have welcomed people to examine our competitor’s products to ours and then contact any of our customers to verify our claims of production and to our claim to the extraordinary customer service. Our past customers are one of our largest and best sales tools.


On this web site there are several statements that I would like to take this opportunity to address.

1.    Stated:  The aluminum lids used to seal the pot have had some cracking problems above 100 PSI. FALSE:  There are no known problems with this. We have units with thousands upon thousands of hours with no problems or failures. Our normal working pressures are 100psi to 150 psi. We have a 7 year warranty on our pots, so we should know.

2.    Stated: The rubber hose that feeds the top of the blaster should be replaced with a higher quality product or you risk down time cutting and splicing. FALSE: All of our blast pots use high pressure, high quality stainless steel covered hoses.  We designed an economical package for a short period that had a high pressure rubber hose on top. This was changed to the Stainless Steel covered hose for the 2011 model year. However, there have been no known failures of this hose to date. We welcome any of our customers that state a problem with this unit to contact us. Sounds kind of strange that only our competitor has heard of this, we should know since we warranty our pots 7 years.

3.    Stated: Soda Works compressor unit has the cooler radiators mounted to the air intake of the compressor—NOT IDEAL in their opinion. FALSE: This is the opinion on our competitor which happens to do it a different way. We eliminated the 12 volt fans (a working part) and obtain the better performance results without any effect on the cooling of the compressor engine. We have units working all over the world in every type of climate without fail.

4.    Stated:  Their primary concern is the equipment safety and equipment longevity. Their concerns are about adding weight to the chassis of the compressor.  FALSE: Their primary concern is to devalue, degrade and raise concerns about their competitor’s equipment. The mounting of the equipment on the compressor is approved and meets the directives of the DOT nationwide. Modifications are made to obtain these DOT requirements.  This type of systems allows you to be more compact and mobile. Try hooking a crane to one of Stripco’s units and setting it in on top of a skyscraper to clean and service a huge HVAC system. WE HAVE!

5.    Stated: We refer our customers to our other dealers for referrals. FALSE: We have very competent dealers that may have information in the job opportunities in specific areas due to their regional location or more experience in a particular field. In these cases we do refer our customers to speak with them as a shared knowledge effort and help to our customer. As far as customer referrals for the purchase of equipment, we supply a list of our contractors for our potential customer to confer with, so that they can get an UNSOLICITED honest opinion of our equipment, customer service and our professionalism. Chesapeake Soda Cleans’ customers are supplied with the owners cell number in case he is needed on the weekend or after hours.  Try contacting Stripco, Inc on the weekend.

6.    Stated: In their opinion, deception and desperation in marketing are not attributes that reflect well on a company. TRUE: On this we agree. When   a company like STRIPCO, Inc tries to disguise itself as a consumer watch group, spewing words like truth, integrity, professionalism and etc. and sets it up in a web site so that it has a venue to try to trash its competition, well that is signs of desperation and deception. Below I am including the backup information to show that Stripco, Inc. is the owner of this web site and I invite you to take a look at it. knowing that it is set up by a competitor, it comes really clear of the intent of this web site.

The name of the web site is

This web site is in care of Network Solutions,

 PO BOX 459

Drums, PA 18222  Phone 570-708-8780



Administrative Contact :



Stripco Inc




care of Network Solutions


PO Box 459


Drums, PA 18222




Phone: 570-708-8780


Technical Contact :



Stripco Inc




care of Network Solutions


PO Box 459


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Phone: 570-708-8780


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Database last updated on 02-Apr-2010



Domain servers in listed order:


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All of this information can be verified at  type in the web site address and see for yourself. A web site designed to assist the Sodablasting Industry in general, should not be in competition with everyone listed.  Don’t be fooled by this type disinformation. If you are interested in getting in this business, talk to all parties concerned. Get a demonstration from each of them, contact contractors that they have sold for their reviews of the equipment. The Soda Works distributors will let you pick you own contacts from the people we sell. We have a good relationship with our contractors and have no reservation about you contacting them.

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