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If You Are In The Central Maryland Region:

CSC Blast/Chesapeake Soda Clean, Inc. operates in a 2,500 square foot facility located at 212 Najoles Rd. Bldg. D. Millersville, MD. 21108. Conveniently located just off of Interstate 97 between Baltimore and Annapolis, MD. and we are just minutes south of Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI).

 Please call (410) 987-2077 before heading over
as we are in and out of the shop frequently!

Click the “Address Map” button on top of this page for directions to our Millersville shop.

 At our blast facility we offer a variety of blast medias to include baking soda, crushed glass, coal slag, glass bead and aluminum oxide blasting media services. Please call first with any questions regarding coatings or rust removal and for details on our blasting capabilities. Our blasting rate is $150.00 per hour or any part there of. We also accept credit card payments by Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover at our normal blasting rate.

We have a 1 hour minimum for blast work that is “Rush” in nature or for “While you wait”, but if your project is small (less than 1 hour) and you can leave it for a few days, then we’ll charge you for only the time it takes to blast it. Call ahead for while you wait service!!!

Items that can be dropped off for blasting can include:

  • Fenders, doors, hoods, frames etc. of automobiles
  • Residential, commercial or industrial small items
  • Boats are referred to Chesapeake Blasting Service, Inc. (our affiliate mobile blast company).
  • And, generally anything that will fit in your trunk or pickup bed
  • We can do entire car bodies, but please call for details

For ALL mobile blast projects, please call  Chesapeake Blasting Service, Inc. Owner Mike Morgan can be reached at 410-980-0857, chesblast@yahoo.com or http://www.chesapeakeblastingservice.com/.

Chesapeake Soda Clean Baking Soda Blasting in Maryland


Soda Blast Rental Equipment

In the mid-Maryland area rentals are available at the following companies:

ABC Equipment Rental – Baltimore region
Rental Works – Annapolis region

The rental equipment program is intended to assist blast industry professionals with their local soda blast projects. Whether you’re a fire/mold restoration contractor or a sand blast contractor in need of non-abrasive soda blast equipment, ABC Equipment Rental and Rental Works has you covered. ABC Equipment Rental and Rental Works exclusively rents professional grade soda blast equipment purchased from Chesapeake Soda Clean, Inc. Rentals are best suited to companies and individuals with prior blasting experience and is designed for small to mid-sized projects. Large scale projects may be better served by one of our local area soda blast contractors – please call for a referral.

Rental packages include the soda blast equipment with the all important compressed air cooler/dryer package. Tow behind air compressors and soda blast media are also available from ABC Equipment Rental and Rental Works.

Soda Blast EquipmentH

Soda Blast pot media capacity: 2 bags (100 lb. media)

Package includes: 1 – 50′ by 3/4″ ID blast hose, 1 – 55′ pneumatic deadman control line, 12 volt electric 185 cfm compressed air cooler, 375 cfm centrifugal moisture separator, media fill funnel, #4 (1/4″) dry blast round pattern nozzle and #4 (1/4″) dry blast fan pattern nozzle.

Find A Blast Contractor

Chesapeake Soda Clean, Inc. has been selling non-abrasive (baking soda) and abrasive (crushed glass, etc) blast equipment since 2005. We maintain a list of blasting contractors in the area that we can refer you to if we aren’t close by. We also sell blasting media and supplies to many contractors using equipment purchased elsewhere. We have a personal connection with many of our referral contractors and try to match you up with the very best suited contractor for your project. Click the link below for more information.


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Equipment Repair, Maintenance & Supplies


We service what we sell. Though it’s rare to see a broken Soda Works Buster Blaster or Marco Abrasive Blaster, it can happen. We can fix it – no problem! That’s the beauty of the Soda Works and Marco blast equipment – we can take the most abused system and make it work like new in no time. We can also look at your equipment and will be happy to repair it if we can source parts.

 Baking Soda Blasting Baking Soda Blasting

Soda Blast – Education, Training & Instruction

Sandblasting TrainingTo help you achieve your goals, we offer hands-on training for soda blast and abrasive blast equipment. We believe that we are one of the only facilities in the U.S. that offers real live hands-on training for the soda and abrasive blasting industry. Automotive, fiberglass, steel, aluminum, wood of all types, plastics, ceramic tiles with grout, pre-cast concrete, stone, cinder block, and more are all covered. Classroom and practical hands-on training is available for a fee to non-equipment purchasers and included at no charge to equipment purchasers.

Pictured is the on-site training session with Fairfax County (VA) Public School system. They purchased a Soda Works BB100EPK soda blast package to remove graffiti and for general surface cleaning. 

Training includes non-abrasive and abrasive blasting including the popular crushed glass blast medias!


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CSC – Soda Works – Sales and Training Outline.pdf


Abrasive Blasting Services

Crushed Glass Blast MediaIn response to customer requests, we have added a variety of abrasive blast medias to our blasting line-up. Although baking soda blasting (sodium bicarbonate) remains in our blast media offering, we now have the capabilities to “shoot” other popular media. Crushed glass ia a very popular blast media is a light duty abrasive and is great for paint removal, rust removal and sometimes can be used to strip furniture. Drop off/in shop service is available at our facility in Millersville, MD. Please call (410) 987-2077 for more information or to schedule your project.

On-site mobile service is available via our affiliate: please call Chesapeake Blasting Service, Inc. and talk with Mike Morgan. He can be reached at 410-980-0857 or ChesBlast@yahoo.com. 


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Crushed Glass Blast Media, Soda Blast Media, Baking Soda Blasting & Sandblasting in Maryland

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