The Soda Works Manufacturing Facility

The Buster Blaster™ baking soda blasting system by The Soda Works is conquering the World!

Because the Buster Blaster manufactured by The Soda Works, Inc is the only true soda blaster, The Soda Works is constantly building new Soda Blasting units to keep up with the demand. Watch out! If you are still using a multi-media pot or some disguised sandblaster, your competitors are buying true soda blasters which is giving them an edge over you. Can your business afford that? Did you know that the savings in media and increase in efficiency when you are using a Buster Blaster™ soda blasting system will have the Buster Blaster™ paying for itself? What happens when the Buster Blaster™ has paid for itself? That’s right. Extra profit in your pocket. Money to spend on additional marketing and increase your business. What happens when you can market more and take in more business and finish it faster? That’s right, you make more money. This isn’t calculus, just simple math. Marketing more equals getting more business. Performing the work quickly and efficiently equals a greater profit margin. it also equals satisfied customers, more referrals and more work…. and more profit.


The Soda Works manufactures the Buster Blaster soda blasting pots in a state-of-the-art facility. To keep the highest level of quality and consistency we build our pots in batches of 20 or more.
Each segment is made separately. This way each can get the attention it deserves. These are the conical bottoms of our blasting pots. The conical bottom is the ONLY way to build a soda blaster. The soda flows better and more naturally.
The conical bottoms are then married to the cylindrical body.
And then the rounded cap is put on.
More work is done on the base of the Soda blasting pot where the patented, self-cleaning venturi valve does its magic.  
At some point our blaster bodies need handles and legs. Here are a batch of handles waiting to be installed.  
Here are some nearly completed blasters and some bodies awaiting their handles and legs.  
Finally the completed blasting pots are pressure tested. All of our blasting pots are pressure tested and certified. We want to be sure our blasting pots will last for years and provide the safest, and most efficient soda blasting experience possible.  

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