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Our Philosophy

Honest and accurate information before the sale, instruction and training at time of sale, and continued support after the sale are all part of the tenants and philosophy at Chesapeake Blasting

 Our Baking Soda Blasting Training Staff in Maryland

My Story

Back in April 2004, I traveled to Texas and purchased my first mobile soda blaster from one of the available manufacturers at the time. I got “sucked in” by the slick sales pitch of how easy it was and promises of support and easy fortune. Well guess what I found – when my machine arrived I realized that I didn’t even know how to start it or make soda come out of the nozzle. That was just the beginning of my many problems with the equipment and company. After struggling with an inefficient design, poor technical support and low quality soda blast media, I did my homework and decided to sell my equipment and re-purchase a new mobile soda blaster from The Soda Works of Walla Walla, WA.

Mr. Joe Alexander and the build staff at The Soda Works took the time to explain the workings of their Buster Blaster soda blasting system and how to maximize the use and effectiveness of their modern, patented designs. Coupled with the aggressive, smooth flowing Natrium Products brand soda blast media, I now finally had a system that was profitable. My soda usage went way down, my fuel costs were reduced, I started completing my jobs faster and I could charge the same rates. I almost quit soda blasting boats with the old system because it took too long and I used way too much soda. Today, especially with Natrium Products 300 soda blast media, I can blast a boat using about 1/3 the amount of soda as I did back in 2004. Now I’m a happy camper!

October 3, 2005

I was so impressed with The Soda Works equipment and refreshed by their old-fashioned customer service that I wanted to be part of a company like that. Well, be careful of what you wish for because sometimes it comes true – on October 3, 2005 I became the Eastern Regional Sales Director and distributor for the Soda Works. Besides a 28-year career as a professional firefighter, I grew up in a family retail business and I know what it takes to make a customer happy. That usually revolves around great customer service and above all, listening to what the customer has to say and forming a customized plan from that.

I had never been a “contractor” before and had lots to learn and, and by the way, I’m still learning. I had no one to talk to about starting a blast business back in 2004 and learned some lessons the hard way. Things are different today. I share my experiences with each and every one of my customers and I will do everything in my power to provide them with as much information as I can. I want my customers to succeed and I want the general soda blasting community to be viewed in a favorable light. The entire crew at the Soda Works lives and breathes this philosophy and this is what they are looking for in its dealers and distributors.

We encourage our customers to visit the factory or one of the authorized dealer locations either before or at time of purchase. We want to make sure you receive and understand all there is to know about The Soda Works equipment and how to successfully get started in the soda blasting business. After the sale, technical support is available by phone from “sun up to sun down” including most weekends.

Anyone or any company can sell you blast equipment. Offering comprehensive classroom and hands-on training is what separates us from our competition. Company owner, Stacey Stone, cites his own experience as the reason he is adamant about providing training and support.

“When I first started in the blast business in 2004, there was no real world training offered by the company that I initially purchased equipment from. I quickly realized I was on my own to learn the “do’s and dont’s”, and even ended up to paying someone to show me how to operate what I bought!

During my 28 years in the fire service, I received and learned to give tons of high quality training. I use those skills to make sure all of my customers have the tools they need to properly operate their equipment, to understand how work smartly and safely, for themselves and their customers.

After the frustration of inefficient equipment and total lack of support, I ended my relationship with the first soda blast company I purchased from in Texas. I knew there was a better way! I sold my unit in 2005 and completely started over again with The Soda Works. I find The Soda Works to be totally supportive and responsive to requests for information and training, and The Soda Works dealers like Chesapeake Soda Clean, play a major role in providing those services”. 

Click the link below to view the Sales & Training outline from The Soda Works!

CSC – Soda Works – Sales & Training Outline.doc

Chesapeake Blasting invests in you!

As always, with Chesapeake Blasting, your success is our success, when you invest in new technology to broaden your opportunities for success, we realize that it is not simply a matter of having the right gizmos that get you there. Knowing how to use them in the most effective manner for your market will give to the confidence and experience to sell your services to your desired clients.

Marine Soda Blasting Tenting Training on the East Coast

Marine Blasting/Tenting Training


We also have the following on hand for people to train on:

  • Automotive sheet metal
  • Automotive fiberglass
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Wood of all types
  • Plastics
  • Ceramic tiles with grout
  • Pre-cast concrete
  • Stone
  • Cinder block
  • And more being added all the time.

We encourage customers that come to our shop to inspect and demo The Soda Works & Marco blast equipment to bring things with them to blast. That way, they have something to take back with them to show potential customers.

Chesapeake Blastings’ Keys To Success:

Efficient, modern equipment that is easy to use.

  • Attractive, low maintenance designs.
  • On-going design improvements incorporating the latest technologies.
  • Aggressive, high production, low dust soda blast medias.
  • Provide accessible and timely service and technical support.
  • Provide honest, accurate and reliable information to the customer.


Our Baking Soda Blasting Training Staff in Maryland

Offering Training with Soda Blast Media and Crushed Glass Blast Media in Maryland

Soda Blasting Training on the East Coast by Chesapeake Soda Clean


Crushed Glass Blast Media, Soda Blast Media, Baking Soda Blasting & Sandblasting in Maryland