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Most people would think that all media blasters are the same and one is as good as the next. But when you’re in the equipment rental business, believe me when I say, that is not the case!

That hot July day, (in 100+ degree temp) when the three of you showed up at our location in Knoxville, TN to demo your unit, was the day my service department’s life got just a little better. Because of your “Buster Blaster” I was able to close the door on some of that lost profit. Your product’s ease of operation affords our customers the highest degree of “user friendly” service for a complex system that I’ve ever seen. Especially when you compare it to the monstrosity of gauges and knobs on the models we previously owned. It has reduced – no ELIMINATED – all service issues. Therefore turning what usually became a bad rental experience for our customers and a costly situation for us into a great rental experience for our customers and a profitable transaction for us.

I am 100% satisfied with the Buster Blaster’s simplicity, durability, performance, and the great customer service provided by the three of you! I would recommend your soda blaster to any rental company, individual, or service provider who has the need for a superior media blaster. Not to mention it comes with outstanding support from good people and all at a very competitive price!

Cliff R.Branch ManagerKnoxville, TN

ABC Equipment Rentals

I am writing this letter as a compliment to Stacey Stone, Chesapeake Soda Clean and The Soda Works.

As we always have for many years, we attended the annual 2010 ARA “Rental Show” last year in Orlando Florida to research new equipment product lines to add to our rental fleet.

As we were walking the trade show we came upon The Soda Works which had a display of his soda blasting equipment along with a presentation of the many uses for this equipment. We already own other types of abrasive (silica sand – black beauty) blasting equipment and we thought this soda blasting product would add a new market and complement our existing fleet.

We purchased a complete soda blast package in April 2010 and within 9 months we have surpassed our “Return on Investment” on the net equipment cost and have sold over 20,000 pounds of soda media.

The equipment is very simple to operate, which our customers love, and we have not had any mechanical failures or problems other than a few basic “wear and tear” replacement items.

From day one of our commitment to Chesapeake Soda Clean, Stacey has been extremely supportive and committed to ABC Equipment Rental, from the initial delivery, set-up and training to follow up operating, service and maintenance questions and solutions. He has been very responsive for all of our needs from replacement parts to short notices on our soda media requirements.

Overall ABC Equipment Rental has been extremely satisfied with the Chesapeake Soda Clean and The Soda Works product and support and would highly recommend this equipment for any type of rental fleet or contractor use.

Lee L.PresidentCatonsville, MD

Some of our notable customers:

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Department of Defence
Coast Guard
The White House
Korean Museum – Washington DC
Hampton National Historic Site – Baltimore County, MD
Arlington National Cemetary
Library of Congress

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Since 2005, Chesapeake Soda Clean, Inc./CSC Blast has been a regional dealer distributor for quality blast equipment from The Soda Works and Marco USA along with sales of accessories and a variety of blast medias. Our happy contractor base is growing at a fast pace and we are constantly adding new names to our list. When we can, we are happy to refer you to one of our trained contractor partners and in an effort to keep the list current and up to date, we ask that you kindly call us for referral names, locations and phone numbers. We will hook you up with the very best contractors in your area.

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