The Soda Works Announces New Connecticut Owner/Operator

New England Surface Restoration Brings Baking Soda Blasting to Northeast

December 21, 2005, Walla, Walla, Washington: The Soda Works, the Washington state-based manufacturer of soda blasting equipment and materials/media distributor, today announced that New England Surface Restoration, LLC has taken delivery of a new Buster Blaster mobile soda blaster. Located in Durham, Connecticut, the company is founded and operated by Bob and Bryon Thayer.

As the newest owner/operator in The Soda Work’s national organization, New England Surface Restoration will focus first on recreational and professional marine soda blasting services with additional applications coming on-line as their presence widens and demand for the environmentally-friendly process grows.

In addition to its marine uses, soda blasting cleans all types of delicate equipment and surfaces, eliminating sanding, soaking, scrubbing and as a replacement for destructive abrasive sand blasting. It is gaining in popularity for stripping antique cars, trucks, trailers, containers, heavy equipment; graffiti removal, surface rust removal and stain elimination. It is also used to clean wood and masonry, remove grease and oil, clean aluminum and stainless steel, sanitize food processors, and for mold remediation and fire restoration.

Part of The Soda Works East Coast regional sales structure, New England Surface Restoration purchased their Buster Blaster unit from East Coast Sales Director, Stacey Stone of Chesapeake Soda Clean in Arnold, Maryland. In addition to selling, training and providing after sales support, Mr. Stone warehouses Natrium, the leading soda product used in the blasting process. His web site is; he can be reached at 410-271-2652 (tel) / 410-349-0197 (fax) and email,

New England Surface Restoration is located at 155R Guilford Road, Durham, Connecticut 06422. Their toll free number is 1.800.925.3457. Emails are (Bryon Thayer) or (Bob Thayer) Their web site will be operational soon.

The Soda Works is the only national manufacturer of Buster Blaster, the original mobile baking soda blasting unit developed in 1997. Soda blasting is applicable to automotive, food processing, marine, road and highway maintenance and any other category where high pressure techniques are required. The Soda Works distributes Natrium—the preferred soda blast media—as well. It is a subsidiary of A&A Autobody, Inc. and dates back to the Alexander Motor Company, founded in 1937.

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