The Soda Works Names Eastern Regional Sales Director

Chesapeake Soda Clean Becomes First Appointee in National Sales Distribution Strategy

October 3, 2005, Walla, Walla, Washington: The Soda Works, the Washington state-based manufacturer of soda blasting equipment and materials/media distributor, today named Chesapeake Soda Clean as its first appointee in a new distribution strategy aimed at servicing individual soda blast contractors. As such, Chesapeake Soda Clean takes on the pivotal function of establishing efficient and effective customer support for this growing category in the pressure washing industry.

In his new role of Eastern Regional Sales Director, Stacey Stone, principal and owner of Chesapeake Soda Clean will sell soda blasting equipment (including the mobile Buster Blaster unit, soda blast pot, cooling fans and accessories) as well as the medium, or soda, used in the process of stripping all kinds of items from boats to graffiti, food processing equipment to roadways. The Eastern regional territory consists of Maine, Hew Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

Stone will own, operate and offer for resale complete soda blast systems manufactured by The Soda Works. He will make available all necessary sales support functions such as customer service, training and warranty work. He will also warehouse Natrium soda, the leading soda blasting medium (sodium bicarbonate) for sale to the region’s growing numbers of contractors.

Chesapeake Soda Clean has offices, a blast site and warehousing in and around Annapolis, Maryland. Their web site is Stacey Stone can be reached at 410-271-2652 (tel) / 410-349-0197 (fax) and email,

The Soda Works is the only national manufacturer of Buster Blaster, the original mobile soda blasting unit developed in 1997. Soda blasting is applicable to automotive, food processing, marine, road and highway maintenance and any other category where high pressure techniques are required. The Soda Works distributes Natrium—the preferred soda blast media—as well. It is a subsidiary of A&A Autobody, Inc. and dates back to the Alexander Motor Company, founded in 1937.

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