The Soda Works Signs New Contractor in Southeastern U.S.

Soda Blasting Technology Sparks Keen Interest and Expanding Distribution Network

August 8, 2005, Walla, Walla, Washington: The Soda Works, the Washington state-based manufacturer of soda blasting equipment and materials/media distributor, today announced sale of a second soda blasting unit to and the appointment of Coastal Sodablasting of Richlands, North Carolina as its newest contractor. As such, Coastal Sodablasting is responsible to service the growing demand for this developing technology, the most environmentally sound alternative to sand blasting to emerge in the high pressure cleaning industry in years.

“Coastal Sodablasting is headed up by Travis and Nancy Watters, the area’s leading purveyors of specialized cleaning services,” says Joe Alexander, the Soda Works president and inventor of the Buster Blaster, the original soda blasting machine. “Like all our contractors, they represent the kind of professional owner/operator who works hands-on in the field to ensure the kind of quality results businesses and home owners have come to expect of soda blasting technology,” Alexander continues.

Coastal Sodablasting is located at 143 Pierce Drive, Richlands, North Carolina 28574 and will service the greater North Carolina regional market. The Watters can be reached at 910.376.4064 (tel)/910.455.8816 (fax) and email

The Soda Works is the only national manufacturer of Buster Blaster, the original mobile soda blasting unit developed in 1997.

Soda blasting is applicable to automotive, food processing, marine, road and highway maintenance and any other category where high pressure techniques are required. The Soda Works distributes Natrium—the preferred soda blast media—as well. It is a subsidiary of A&A Autobody, Inc. and dates back to the Alexander Motor Company, founded in 1937.

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